The Buzz . . .

Why aren't we opening our dining room?

When COVID Restrictions hit we lost quite a few volunteers.  Less than 20 of us remained willing to work. We developed the current drive-through business model and found that it takes more people to run the dinners than the way we were doing it (serving in the dining room), but the way we have it set up, for the most part people are doing less work, we are serving more customers and our revenue justifies it. We have discussed what we will do once the restrictions are lifted and we are trying to work out a way to have both the drive-through and an open dining room. The question is a long way from being settled.

We have Sunday Breakfasts that are both drive-through and dine in. We offer a limited menu and serve all our meals in take out containers.  The menu and the containers seem to keep the dine in customers to maybe 20 total a Sunday.  We did consider opening up for a Mother's Day Buffet this month but decided that since the Moose Club has already planned theirs out that we would stand down, take our own mothers and wives to the Moose for breakfast instead. We rearranged our Sunday breakfasts to allow us to do so.

We are considering having a breakfast buffet either this month or next.  It will be "dine in" or "take out", "all you can eat" for $10.00. If you do take out, we will give you a "golden plate", which is a double serving of whatever you want off the menu.  "Dine in" customers will use paper plates and plastic flatware. We do not have a dishwasher and sanitation-wise, it is better to use the paper & plastic and then dispose of it and then grab another paper plate than it would be to wash the china plates and silverware. 

Tuesday Night Dinners will stop at the end of May and will not start again until September. We will be having dinners on dates that coincide with meeting where we are obligated to serve food, usually the 3rd Tuesday and 3rd Thursday and every other 4th Tuesday (odd-numbered months). We will also have a monthly Chicken BBQ from May until at least September. 

Our Kitchen Crew has worked very hard during the pandemic and they have earned a break. As usual, we will be closing the kitchen for the month of August for rest & relaxation and maintenance.  This gives everyone a break and recharges their batteries for the coming fall and winter.

Technology Raffle August 21st. Tickets $10.00

One thing we have learned during the pandemic is that communication is vital, especially when we are locked down. Communication is technology. Whether you have a laptop, desktop, tablet, Google Assistant, Alexa, Smartphone, etc., you're using technology.  Studies are showing that isolation has a marked effect on mental and physical health and a simple text message, email or phone call, even friends on Fbook, etc., can give you a whole new outlook. Because we don't know what the COVID restrictions will be later this year we are not planning on a Sportsman Raffle. Besides everything else, a Sportsman Raffle only applies to sportsmen. Technology appeals to a wider group. Everyone, young & old, men & women, left & right, uses technology. This year we are having a "Technology Raffle". We have some really good prizes, twenty in all, and each ticket is eligible to win in every drawing (again, twenty prizes = twenty drawings).  At $10 a ticket, that is 50 cents per prize.  We will not have a party, we have added extra prizes to make up for it. Winners will be notified immediately by telephone.  The drawing will be held in the hall starting at 3 pm until all twenty prizes have been won. Ticket holders may attend the drawing if they wish. The drawing will be streamed on Facebook.

More to come . . .